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EDMW Glossary - K to P

(For A to F, see Post #1)
(For E to J, see Post #2)
(For Q to V, see Post #4)
(For W to Z, see Post #5)

KC Trap : Kum Cheng Trap = Feelings Trap.
Refers to a situation where a man falls for a woman (typically a prostitute), and pays dearly for it (monetarily and emotionally).

KCI : Kar Chng Itchy = Backside itchy. Kar Chng (hokkien) = Backside

KKJ : Ku Ku Jiao (hokkien) Male reproductive organ.

KNN : Kan Ni Na (hokkien) A very rude and vulgar phrase.

KNNB : Kan Ni Na Bu (hokkien) A very rude and vulgar phrase.

KNNBCCB : Kan Ni Na Bu Chao Chee Bye (hokkien) A very rude and vulgar phrase.

KPKB : Kow Peh Kow Bu (hokkien for Cry Father Cry Mother) = Making a lot of noises or complaints.

Krone : Clone (see Crone)

Kthxbye : Very concise version of "Ok, thanks, bye". Signifies in a hurry, said and gone. Sometimes used like a "+1".

Kumsiahamidas : Thank you. EDMWified version of Kamsa Hamnida (korean)

KYM : Ke Yi Ma. 可以吗 (chinese). Means is this ok?

Lagi : More, even more (malay)

Lawl : (sound word) Pronunciation of LOL

LC : Low Class

LHD : Left Hand Drive

Lip Lai : (hokkien) = Come in.

LLST : Lan Lan Suck Thumb (singlish) = Nothing can be done, just accept it

LOL : Laugh/Laughing Out Loud

LOLS/LOLX/LOLZ : Meaningless variant of LOL (see LOL)

LPPL : Lan Pah Pah Lan (hokkien) = Caught in both directions = Bang balls

Lub : Love

Lup Sup : (hokkien) Dirty

Mai Beo : Don't peek (hokkien). This is usually typed by the thread starter as a blocker. (see Blocker)

Mampos : Die (malay)

McJiji : A guy posted a picture of a burger he had. Unknowingly or on purpose, he was naked and his "little brother" was accidentally captured in the picture.

McKKJ : See McJiji and KKJ.

MHBP : Mai Hiam Buay Pai (hokkien) = Don't be fussy, it's not (that) bad

MILF : Mother I'd Like to F**k (generally refers to older women who are sexually attractive)

MIW : Men In White. Refers to the political party, People's Action Party (PAP), of Singapore.
Origin : White is the official colour of PAP and members are often seen wearing in white in party events.
Another reason this term caught on may be due to the parody nature to the term "Men in Black" (MIB), which is a top-secret government agency in conspiracy theories.

MKLGHLG : Mai Ka Li Gong Hor Li Gian (hokkien) = Don't want to tell you, let you yearn for it

MKLTWS : Meng Kia, Long Tio Wu Siah (hokkien) = Literally "Don't be scared, if hit got sound". Use to tell someone to do things boldly.
Origin : Probably originated from the army, when a tonner driver is carefully reversing his vehicle and people sitting at the back will shout out the phrase to get the driver to reverse boldly.

MLMLWM : Mai La Mai La Wa Mai (hokkien). It means, Don't want, don't want, I don't want.

MO : Mass Order

Moi : My or Me

More good years ahead : Use like a "+1" mostly in threads on unpleasant topics, eg. when the government raises tax. (see +1)
Origin : Possibly first used by Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong as a good wishes to the people.
And later adapted as a personal sign off by an EDMWer who is possibly the first person in EDMW with a PhD.

MYOB : Mind Your Own Business

NATO : No Action Talk Only

NBNBNLM : No Boobies No Beauty Nobody Love Me (usually used by females)

Nekkid : Naked

NHNT : No Head No Tail. Use in a thread that does not seem to make any sense.

Nia : Only (hokkien). Use at the end of a sentence to play down something that has been overestimated.

NLNT : No Link No Talk (see NPNT)

NMNHNLM : No Money No Honey Nobody Love Me (usually used by males)

NMP3NT : No MP3 No Talk (see NPNT)

No Horse Run : Boh Bey Zhao (hokkien). Use to describe someone/something that is so ahead of its peers/competition that nothing else can be compared to it.
Origin : From horse racing jargon?

NPHTT : No Picture/Proof How To Talk

NPJTT : No Picture/Proof Just Talk Talk

NPNT : No Picture No Talk (EDMW No.1 rule : Do not make a thread/claim without pictures to proof/support)

NSFW : Not Safe For Work. Usually used to indicate that the content of the thread is not safe to view during work (eg. contains nudity)

NWMANT : No WMA No Talk (see NPNT)

OCB : Orh Chee Bye (hokkien, vulgar) = Female masturbation

OKT : Orh Kui Tao (hokkien) = Pimp. Literally means "tortoise head".

OL : Office Lady

OMAN : Recurring joke in EDMW. Now used to mean self-pwned
Story has it that an EDMWer (identity protected) posted very confidently,
"Did you all know that there is no country starting with the letter O?"
Many others then rebutted, stating that OMAN is a country.

OMG : Oh My God = To exclaim surprise or disgust

OMGWTFBBQ : Oh My God What The F**k Barbeque. Meaningless extension of OMG and WTF. (see OMG, WTF)

ONS : One Night Stand

Orleng Tao : Literally means "Orange Head". Refers to an EDMWer whose avatar is a cartoonish character with a huge orange head.
He is infamous for his mostly WOB threads and posts, and his entire clan of clones. His main account was banned in Feb 2008.

OT : Off Topic

Parroting : The act of copying the reply of a previous poster. Use like a +1. (see +1)

Paul Lampard : Por Lan Pa (hokkien, see PLP)

PCB : Phua Chee Bye (hokkien). A very rude and vulgar phrase.

PCC : Pak Chiu Cheng (hokkien) = Male masturbation
Alternate : Can also means "Play Chinese Chess" when trying to cover your tracks or mislead someone.

PCW : Post Count Warrior/Whore

PDF : Pedophile (probably originated from the misspell word "Pedofile", which gives raise to the acronym PDF)

PDMM : Pei Du Ma Ma (chinese) = A mother who accompanies her overseas studying child. Typically refers to people from China.

Pek Cek : (hokkien) Frustrated

Perbird : Pervert

Pew Pew Pew : Sound of laser weapons firing. Use like a "+1". (see +1)

Piak Piak : (sound words) = Sexual Intercourse.

PLP : Por Lan Pa (hokkien) = Carry balls = To butter up, to brown-nose

Prawn : Porn

Pruss Satu : Plus Satu (Satu is 1 in malay, see +1)

Pruss Wan : Plus One (see +1)

PS : Photoshop (usually used to mean that a picture is doctored)

Pwn : Implies domination and/or humiliation of another person. Originated from the typo mistake of "Own".

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