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EDMW Glossary - Q to V

(For A to F, see Post #1)
(For E to J, see Post #2)
(For K to P, see Post #3)
(For W to Z, see Post #5)

Q MO : (hokkien) Curly Hair

QC : Q C = Cute C = Cutesy

QFBK : Quote For BK (see also BK)

QFT : Quoted For Truth. To quote someone's post so that if it is edited, an original copy is saved.

Raisin : Nipple

RCP : Real Cheese Pie (see Cheese Pie)

Robert : A person who 1) overpays for something, 2) pays for something not worthwhile, 3) pays for something he's not expected to.
Origin : Comes from the chinese/hokkien saying "砍菜头".
菜头 = Radish = 萝卜
萝卜 sounds like "Robert"

Robert Tao : A variation of "Robert" (see Robert). Tao means "Head" in hokkien.

Roberto : A variation of "Robert" (see Robert).

Rock : Lock. Usually means to lock a thread.

RS : Radish's Sister. It all started when the user Radish made posts about his sister. Some people then started to post pictures of pretty ladies and claimed that it is Radish's sister (which Radish denied). Since then, in threads about/with Radish, people will talk about his sister (as a form of +1 or just to annoy him).

Run Lion : (hokkien, Zao2 Sai1 跑私) means to commit adultery, cheat on your partner. Originally, 走私 (chinese) or 跑私 (hokkien) means trafficking. In hokkien, 私 and 狮 (lion) sounds alike.

Sauce : Source

SBF : Sammy Boy Forum

Seafood : (see Prawn)

Self-Pwn : To kill/humiliate yourself, to punch yourself in the face. (see also Pwn)

Sexciting : Exciting

Sexperience : Experience

Sexpert : Expert

Sexpose : Expose

SIC : Sharing is Caring. Use when asking others to share something desirable (eg. information, links, photos)

Sicko. It runs in the family : Use like a "+1". (see +1)

Singapore Bike Forum : A secret alias for Sammy Boy Forum (SBF)

Smelly : Smiley

SMLJ : Si Mi Lan Jiao (hokkien) Usage same as WTF.

SMLJLPJ : Si Mi Lan Jiao Lan Pa Ji (hokkien, see SMLJ)

SO : Significant Other

Sofa : First reply (mainly used in chinese forums).
Origin 1 :
In some early chinese forums, a person started a thread to share some sexy pictures.
Someone then replied, "Very nice, going to sit on sofa and PCC".
From then on, whenever some good pictures were shared, people will post "sit sofa".
By and by, noble people who do not know the original meaning, thought that "sofa" refers to the first reply posted.
Origin 2 :
"首发" which means first post, sounds like "Sofa"

Sofa King : A creative way of writing "So F**king". Also bypasses the forum's censor system. Eg. TS is sofa king rich.

Spoof : Spoof thread. A thread that imitates another to make fun of the thread starter or topic.

SSRR : See See Rook Rook = See See Look Look = To browse around
Also used as a way of saying I was here and plus 1 when posted in a thread (see also +1)

Stewpig : Stupid

Stomp It : To post a news/story on the SPH website

Stomper : Someone who stomps. (see Stomp It)
Stompers are mostly disliked in EDMW for the following reasons :
1. Their stories are frequently meaningless, personal complaints and/or simply a waste of time.
2. They invade other people's privacy by posting pictures without permission.
3. They are cowards and whinners who only dare to complain/snitch about issues online instead of confronting the people involved.

SYT : Sweet Young Thing

TCP : Thread Chauvinist Pig

Techno Cheesepie : A meaningless prefix added to the word Cheese Pie. (see Cheese Pie)
Origin : In the Singapore-made movie "881", there was a scene where the character "Auntie Ling" asked "Wang Lei" what is the meaning of "Techno".
Wang Lei gave a long-winded nonsense answer that pissed off Auntie Ling and she scolded him "Techno Chee Ko Pek" (ie. Techno Lecher).
From then on, the word "Techno" has been added as a prefix to various terms.

This thread is not simple : Use like a "+1". This phrase has the added advantage of sounding more intelligent. (see +1)
Another form is "XXX is not simple", where XXX refers to a name, person or object.

TIA : Thanks In Advance

Tia Gong : 听讲 (hokkien). Means hearsay.

Tionged : Describes situations where someone suffered or was owned by Ah Tiongs. (see also Ah Tiong)
eg. You have been tionged!

Tiongified : Same usage as "Tionged". (see Tionged)

Tiu : (cantonese) F**k

TKK : Tan Ku Ku (hokkien for Wait Long Long) = Something that you say in order to tell someone that an event is not likely to happen = Don't hold your breath.

TL;DR : Too Long; Didn't Read

TMM : Tian Mi Mi (chinese "甜蜜蜜") = Sweet like honey. Use to describe the feeling of very in love.

TPS : Tear Piak Shoot = Tear her panties, Piak her raw, Shoot inside.

Transformer : A transexual person

Truly Asia : Malaysia. Originated from the Malaysia tourism slogan, "Malaysia, Truly Asia".

TS : Thread Starter, Topic Starter

Up Lorry : Means dead or is in serious trouble.
Origin : From a coffin going into a hearse. A lorry is commonly used as a hearse in Singapore.

UTFSB : Use The F**king Search Button

VPL : Visible Panty Line

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