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EDMW Glossary - W to Z

(For A to F, see Post #1)
(For E to J, see Post #2)
(For K to P, see Post #3)
(For Q to V, see Post #4)

Wall of Text : Use when someone posts a large chunk of text (few hundred words or more), especially when without paragraphing.
EDMWers are mostly impatient readers and are put off by wordy articles.

Wall of text hits you for 9999 damage : Use like a +1. A figurative way to describe that the poster is heavily attacked for posting the wall of text. (see Wall of Text)

Why So Serious? : Use like a "+1" (see +1)
Origin : A popular quote by the Joker, from the movie "The Dark Knight"

WKS : Won't Kena Sack

WL : Working Lady

WOB : Waste of Bandwidth

WOLS : Slow (reverse spelling)

WOT : Wall Of Text (see Wall of Text), Waste Of Time

WTF : What the F**k

XDD : Xiao Di Di (chinese) = Small/young boy.


XLN : Xiao Long Nu (chinese) = China Woman (possibly racist). (see also Ah Tiong)

XMM : Xiao Mei Mei (chinese) = Small/young girl.

YAWOBT : Yet Another Waste Of Bandwidth Thread

YNTYNK : You Never Try, You Never Know

Zagga : (see Dutty Yeah)

Zeh Zeh : (hokkien) = Elder Sister.

ZG : Zao Geng (hokkien) = 走光 (chinese) = (Unintentional) indecent exposure

Zoolong : Jurong

吃了米 : (hokkien) Describes a person who is useless. A waste of the rice he ate.

坏人向前 坏人拉上 : Use like a "+1". (see +1)
Origin : From the phrase "Bad man forward, bad man pull up". There is also a song with the same name by the Jamaican artiste Ding Dong.

坐沙发 : (see Sofa)

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