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EDMW Glossary

BK : Bunknife = Bao Toh (hokkien) = To tattletale on

BRB : Be Right Back, Bath Room Break

BTH : Buay Tah Han (hokkien) Means cannot take/resist it anymore

BTSS : Bian Tai Shu Shu (chinese) Means perverted uncle.

Bukit Timah : = BT = Bit Torrent

EDMW : Eat-Drink-Man-Woman (refers to the forum or forumites)

FT/FW : Foreign Talent/Foreign Worker

FTW : For The Win

GLGT : Got Link Got Talk (see NPNT)

GPGT : Got Picture Got Talk (see NPNT)

GVGT : Got Video Got Talk (see NPNT)

KPKB : Kow Peh Kow Bu (hokkien for Cry Father Cry Mother) Means making a lot of noises.

MO : Mass Order

NMNHNLM : No Money No Honey Nobody Love Me

NPNT : No Picture No Talk (EDMW No.1 rule : Do not make a thread/claim without pictures to proof/support)

PCC : Pak Chiu Cheng (hokkien for Beat Hand Gun) Means masturbate.

PCW : Post count warrior

Piak Piak : (sound words) Means sexual intercourse.

SIC : Sharing is Caring

SMLJ : Si Mi Lan Jiao (hokkien) Usage same as WTF.

TS : Thread Starter, Topic Starter

WOB : Waste of Bandwidth

WOLS : Slow

WTF : What the Fxxk (most forumites should know what this means...)

XDD : Xiao Di Di (chinese) Means small/young boy.

XMM : Xiao Mei Mei (chinese) Means small/young girl.
how about asw?
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