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I plan to go there for about 5 days - Hongkong, Macau, Zhuhai. (i heard zhuhai is a must-go that's why i thought of flying into macau and from there enter zhuhai).

I'm still tabulating the costs of air tix + ferry and deciding if it's more feasible for me to land in HK and go into Macau and zhuhai or land in Macau, visit Zhuhai and go hongkong shop before flying back from Hongkong itself.

What do you suggest? [/QUOTE]

1st you seem to have a TIGHT timetable.

2nd Ask yourself Timetable - Piority of Places - Time Wasted= $$$ Spend/Total Budget

If you can use this formula will help you a lot

If you really want to go 3 places at 5 day i bet you will not see much of the each place / time you spend.

You will be pack like tuna cans of your timetable = Thta is not my kind of hoilday i will want to go.

This is how to be done if you want to go.

Ffly in to Macau by Tiger (Crappy Time FLights)
The take a bus to Macau Zhuhai Borders.
Walk in to clear the customs, stay in Zhuhai. (They have the cheapest breakfast i had ate.)
Take a taxi to Zhuhai ferry say you want to go to Hong Kong ( CHeck the timtable of the ferry 1 day before)
Reach Hong Kong the last few day before you go back Singapore fly back by Jetstar.

*you only paid one ferry from Zhuhai to Hong Kong.
You only paid the bus in macau and taxi in Zhuhai.

Enjoy your trip,
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