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i recently got hold of a power/energy monitor/meter. to my surprise, none of my system exceed 300W in 100% load! in fact, other than the C2D system, all other never touch the 200W mark.

E6750@3.6GHz with U120X@120mm, Asus P5K-E, 2x 1GB, C3D X1950PRO, 5xHDD, DVDRW and 2x 120mm case fan. Orthos only ~285W, max is 3Dmark@315W--and these are including Dell 2407WFC-HC! the Dell alone suck ~45W, that mean the system is drawing only 270W and idle at 130W.

the other systems include a M2NPV+X2@3800+; A8N-SLI+3200+@2.5GHz with 7600GST; P4P800+P42.6C@3GHz with Ti4200 and NF7-S+AXP2100+. all of them idle at less than 100W and never go over 200W at max load. in fact the most power hungry hardware is the CRT monitor--my G520 draw ~100W and E230 draw ~70W.

maybe the energy monitor may not be 100% accurate, i did use some other electrical applicances to check like the vacuums cleaner, it state ~800W and true enough, the meter shown ~800W power drawn.

WOW..ur rig and it only draw 270W!!!
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