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Most systems (non-oc) dun go over 100+W. However, it is recommended to get a psu so that the actual load is ard half its max capacity. Moreover, the psu might not give stable electric currents near its max capacity. If your car can reach 200km/h, running it 200km/h 24/7 is not going make your car last very long.
if a car can reach 200km/h, doing it continuously wont shorten its life, it just need maintenance...eventually, its top speed will drop due to wear and tear--there are too many mechanical part in a car that will fail overtime. not a good analogy compare to a electronic device like PSU.

thats what the manufacturer want us to believe, to justify their kilowatt PSU. its like saying we shouldn't run 100% of the CPU speed or motherboard FSB/HTT speed, doing so will shorten its life...

as said, less decent PSU will drop its voltage and efficiency will suffer overtime. but except for very intense gaming with quad core and SLI/X-fire, how many system actually need 500W, let alone kilowatt. the 8800 Ultra SLI with C2X6800 consume 586W from wall socket which translate to 468W DC power drawn by the system. that go back to what manufacturer/distributor like to claim--how often are we running the system to its max? most of the time the system is idling, the 8800U SLI is idling at ~300W DC, about the 60% mark of 500W PSU.

most user would be running C2D/X2 with single GFX and they never go over 150W DC and max at ~230W DC. at this figure, even a 500W might seems overkill as most of the time its idling at ~30% of its rating output and max at less than 50%. even the power hungry 8800 Ultra dont go over 250W DC.
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