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Ocean Park is definitely worth going. It is actually more worth going than Disneyland imo.

Dont know Macau much since I dont go there often but I will recommend "Tai Sam Ba" (Cantonese) landmark with the front of the church left. The "tower" so you can see the whole macau from top of the world. The Venetian is the latest Casino and it is HUGE. Sands, reasonably new Casino and very near the ferry terminal.

For food, you must try "Xuang Pi Nai" (Double skinned milk desert..), you can get this desert in HK too but Macau's version is stronger and better imo and "Zhu Pa Bao" (Pork chop burger) all well know in Macau.
I thought Ocean park very old nodoubt they juz renovated. Why isit better than Disney? Can pls tell me the reason . Maybe i should consider this place for my kids. Thanks
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