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care to share your itinerary herE? lets see wat surprises u have in your trip.
ok, will share 1st 3 days only.. haha... cuz last day nv plan.. last day is more for like... filling out the blanks.

Day 1 – 23 Dec SUNDAY

• Arrive at Hong Kong
• Take Airport Express to Kowloon Station, followed by shuttle bus “K3” to hotel
• Unpack, rest in hotel, ready to go? Move out to Hong Kong Island
• Go to Causeway bay go to Maxim’s to eat dim sum
• If have time, can walk walk in Causeway bay
• By 430pm, reach Central, then walk to the Peak Tram
• Take the Peak Tram up
• Come down, take taxi to Yong Gei to meet Stella for dinner
• Depending on tiredness, can go to Mongkok for some shopping before going back to Hotel to sleep.

Day 2 – 24 Dec Monday

• Have breakfast at random Cha Can Ting near hotel.
• Take MTR to Tung Chung for some heavy duty shopping!
• Lunch at Tung Chung
• Take MTR back to TST, go to harbour city area
• Can eat at Sweet Dynasty for mid day snack/dessert
• Check out I.T. Sale Shop which is near that area as well (clothes)
• After that, walk down to Harbour City to check out the shops as well as the views. If want, can eat there as well.
• When done, proceed to Mongkok for night shopping. Argyle Centre, Fah Yuen St. all that stuff. Also, remember to go eat tian ping at the big Esprit there..
• After late night shopping done, go back hotel to rest…

Day 3 – 25 Dec Tuesday

• Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• Morning, as usual, look for a Cha Can Ting to eat breakfast.
• Walk walk at Jordan/TST area… can check out Granville St/Esprit Factory outlet
• Alternatively can go to Central/Causeway Bay area if you want.
• Depending on which one you choose, the last day can do the other.
• Take MTR to Sham Sui Po for electronics shopping!
• Take MTR to Cheung Sha Wan, there’s a market there for shopping
• Take MTR to Lai Chi Kok for shopping
• Take MTR back to TST and go Mongkok for even more shopping!!
• Remember that can eat dinner there.. Honolulu Café, etc… check other doc.
• If you want, can go Avenue of Stars, or can just wander about.. The area near Regal Kowloon have Christmas display…
• Go back hotel to rest. Last night in Hong Kong… Sob…
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