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never... NEVER buy from TST ... TST is like a lucky plaza style, more expensive... if not sell u accessories more expensive.

if u want to buy with 100% price protected.. get from fortress or those HN/Courts style shop. Not cheap, but at least wont get chopped.

if u want SLS style camera/computer prices and style: see

-Golden Shopiing arcade is like SLS..messy but lots of stuff..
-Winsor hse sells higher end PC stuff... lots of imported Japanese local model PC but these day less already.. i think because local models nowadays also quite attractive.. has 2 levels located in 10 and 11th floor i think..
-298 is also like SLS... last time sell lots of uncensored porn..hahaha
-Mongkok : something like Wanchai computer shops but located in Mongkok.. small area that goes ard 4-5 levels.
-Wanchai: is also like SLS but cleaner and more tidy!! and i like to go there as its balance btw a SLS and Funan. 2 levels in total.

for ur camera buying: go to Golden or mong kok computer ctr if u stay in kowloon (or just any shop u see ard mongkok area) .. if in HK lsiand, Wanchai computer ctr has many shop selling camera.

take note of the parallel imported stuff.. if u duuno what it means, tell me i shall explain.
thx read that its better to buy in mongkok
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