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is my iternary OK ?

Day 1 – TUES 15TH JAN

Check in TS Hotel- Transit to hotel via Freego Bus 飛狗巴士 - Fare NT$135 (S$6.46). (Get contact - to check on return to airport on last day)

Day 2 – WED 16th JAN

• Sun Yat Sen Memorial 國父紀念館 – MRT ,Get off Sun Yat Sen Memorial station
• Taipei 101 - Get off at Taipei City Hall stn (市政府捷運站), take free shuttle bus 11am-10pm, every 20min
Warner Village (theater) / NewYorkNewYork shopping mall - nearby Taipei 101 mall, walk
• WuFenPu - get off at Houshanpi Stn 後山埤站, Exit 4, walk.
4:30PM-10PM during weekdays, until 1-2 AM for Fri & Sat (Monday is a wholesale day)
• Raohe St. night market 饒河夜市 - Wufenpu is on one side and the other side is Raohe night market. Across the road at the松山火車站and use the overhead bridge to get to 饒河夜市

Day 3 – THURS 17TH JAN

• Yangmingshan- YMS opens early and the first bus up the mountain starts at 5.30am
Yangmingshan Xiaoyoukeng Volcano • Yangmingshan National Park
• Beitou hot Spring Museum- 9-5pm free
• Spring City Resort – Free shuttle Bus Xin Beitou Mrt Station
• Danshui Street – Alight at Dan Shui Mrt
Lover’s Bridge - (Best to view Sunset)
Fisherman Wharf - Take MRT to 淡水站 Danshui Stn and transfer bus Red 26 or ferry
• Shilin Night Market - Take MRT to Jiantan station, the night market is just opposite the station. 07:00 PM - 01:30 AM

Day 4 – FRI 18TH JAN

• Longshan Temple - daily 6am-10pm - MRT Ban-Nan Line (blue line) - Longshan Temple Station - walk north, across Mangka park.
• CKS - daily 9am-5pm free- Take the MRT Danshui Line and get off at the CKS Memorial Hall Station and take Exit 5.
• Wulai - Danshui line (red) change to Xindian line (green). From Xindian Station, take right hand exit to busstop outside. Take Xindian bus to Wulai - every 20 min
• Nanshih Bridge - walk to the falls for 20min OR take the miniature railway
Wulai Falls
Cable car - across river to Yunsian Dreamland on top of waterfall

Day 5 – SAT 19TH JAN

• National Palace Museum: (0900-1700 hrs)
Take the MRT Danshui Line to the Shilin Station , look for Zhongzheng rd exit and take bus R30 (Red 30) to the National Palace Museum. Other routes that will take you to and near the Museum plaza are buses 255, 304, Minibus 18 and Minibus 19.
• Martyrs Shrine daily 9-5pm, free - Danshui line, get off at Jiantan stn, 1km east of Jiantan station not far from Keelung river
• Miramar Entertainment Park 11:00am-00:00am - new shopping mall in Dazhi, just north of Keelung river
Take MRT to Jiantan 劍潭站, exit right and transfer free shuttle bus. If the line is too long, take public bus 167
• Miramar Ferri Wheel 台北美麗華摩天輪 (Tickets : NT$200 on weekends;NT$150 during the week.)

Day 6 – SUN 20TH JAN

• Underground mall 台北地下街 at Taipei Main station 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
• Yeliu - Taipei main station underground mall exit 9 - go to Taipei Inter City Bus Terminal 国道客运台北总站.
Take 国光Kuo Kuang bus or大有 Da You Bus to Yeliou (NT85) and Jinshan (NT100) daily 5.40am-10.40pm every 10-20min
bus stand is already slightly over the entrance to 野柳Geological Park. You have to walk backward and soon turn left to the town. Walk straight all the way for 10 minutes and you are there.
• Jiufen – At Yeliu, just opposite to where you alight, the bus goes to ‘Keelung’. Alight at the Keelung station and transfer to a bus that brings you to Jiufen(it may say Jinguashih as the terminal stop, just ask the driver, you need to find out how much to pay too).

Day 7 – MON 21ST JAN

Last Mins Shopping….

Home Sweet Home!

Shopping Optional places :
• Huaxi night market 華西街夜市 at Long Shan Temple Mrt
• Keelung Miao Kou Temple Plaza Night Market -
• ZhongXiaoDongLu 忠孝東路SOGO商圈
• Tian Mu - 02:00 PM – 09:00 PM - 1) Take MRT to Shipai 石牌站, exit turn right across the street take Bus R19
• Donggua Nite Market ( DongGuan Mrt)
• Hard rock cafι / clubs /bars- Get off at Nanjing stn. Walk to Minsheng rd (hardrock) / Dunhua (clubs)
• Miniatures Museum of Taiwan - Taipei Main station : Change to Bus Route 307 , 527 to NanJing JianGuo Intersection
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