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i think its better to change your money in taiwan.
cos the bank rates are higher. can change at the airport.
got quite a few money changers. the rates ARE DEFINITELY higher...
(else you have to go bank to change. but there are ALOT of banks in taiwan!)

then i'd rather people use their DBS mastercard/visa to purchase stuffs than to withdraw from atm.
cos the rate from DBS is higher than UOB. =x
i charged on 4th twice, and after checking the statement online, the rate is 22.0nt=s$1.
cos if say you withdraw money, you still have to pay for the surcharge of s$5. which i think its not worth for the high exchange rate. (meaning you pay back for the exchange rate which is rather ...)

and i think there's a limit one can withdraw.
ya... it's better to change at taipei, i change at a rate of 21.78 at the airport and 21.94 at taipei bank. if you swipe card, i get a rate of 22.05 for uob card. It's qt worth to swipe card...
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