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depends on whether u can tahan or not.. when i was there i didn't need to wear jacket.. but my dad and gf all very very cold.. and the locals there wear until macham in north pole.. but i guess cuz i like cold very very much so don't need.
No it is not that hongkies can not tahan cold but rather this is the best time to showcase their winter clothings. In general, the hongkies (male or female) have much better dressing sense than us.

Also, locals are not like tourists, where we have the comfort of going back to the hotels anytime we want. They could be on the way to a 10hrs work which likely to be night fall by then. The temp is easily below 14-16C. You can't just wear a polo or a dress in that temp.

My advise to Singaporeans going to a winter country is to dress like a local. Wear at least a thin pullover even if it is not cold, so that you won't stick up like a sore thumb.
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