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hey czerny81,

i heard from my fren that there's a Street that is named "Nan Ren St" in Mong kok. Its not Fa yuen ST and certainly not ladies St...

You know where izit?

Hey buddy~yeah there's a street named "Nan Ren St" probably = "Men St" or "Temple St" but not in Mongkok, where it's in Jordan MTR station and take the exit C2/C1, once u get out from the exit and turn right w/ a 15-20 mins walk then that's the start of the "Temple st". In fact, why it's called as "Men St" cuz u see there's some hawkers selling the sex toy/sex movie DVDs...and u know the 2 sides along the temple st, u can find a hostees/mamasan standing at the staircases (after 10pm) and asking ppl to hv fun just going up to the apartments u head-up from the "temple st" can see, sort of the things like in Geylang.

BTW, besides these, the "Temple st" sells the traditional chinese accessaries, home decorations, tees...and for dining, there's many "Street restaurants" simply like in the "Smith St" but serving seafood mainly. Well, there's another market called "Jade Market" which is closed to the "Temple st", it's worth to go and buy the jades in a very cheap price. Even Maria Sarapova, she said she would go there every visiting to HK. (Tips: Remember to negotiate at least a 40% reduction w/ the sellers)
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