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okok i answer 1 by one.. hold on..

swimwear can try the mongkok side of fah yuen st, or citigate if ur there. but i don't think its any cheaper than sg.. might not b worth the trouble.. not that experienced in swimwear cuz it'll b the last thing i'll buy!

depends on whether u can tahan or not.. when i was there i didn't need to wear jacket.. but my dad and gf all very very cold.. and the locals there wear until macham in north pole.. but i guess cuz i like cold very very much so don't need.

my advice is.. just bring a sweater, dun need thermal or anything, just a normal sweater.. if too cold, go there and buy.. its cheaper there than in sg.

i went to all the major computer places when i was there: wanchai computer ctr, mongkok computer ctr, golden (shamsuipo) computer ctr. summary is... for laptops the best prices are at mongkok computer ctr. if u wan details let me know.

advice: pls check like the specific model and specification of your intended laptop b4 going there.. as 1 model of laptop got many many different spec configuration. typically, sg's spec configuration is higher than hk one. but hk price is low low low!! cuz i think they got no GST and tax and all that bull****.
Hi all, just adding some information for u guys reference~
For Mizuno Competition Swimwear, i think u can find at the 6 or 7th/F of "Sogo" in Causeway Bay~where there is a Mizuno booth and a booth only for swimwear~

For the time of miracleman visiting was the coldest week in this winter of HK (10-14 degree)so that's y ppl were wearing jackets or even thermals cuz they can't adopt such a temp. diff. at once and i do think the girls wearing booths w/ a mini-skirt/shorts are pretty good, right?. Generally, ard 18 degree sth in winter and better to check w/ the 7-day weather forecast b4 u come ( see whether any cold air blown from the north. If u will visit the peak, big budda or the islands during the early morning or night time, a jacket w/ u is better cuz not the temp but is quite windy in these places. For sure, during the day time in the town, only polo-shirt/tee is fine for me (a 26-yr-old man).

For the computer stuff, yeah~everybody says HK is mcuh cheaper than in SIN cuz we hv no tax on it and i do agree to buy the laptop in Mongkok Computer Mall which is a bit cheaper but u can seek for the information/advices from the boardway/fortress 1st since they are more patients cuz 2 crowded in Mongkok Computer Mall specially during weekend, u can't stop or not willing to stop for asking questions (Tips: mostly broadway/fortress will give u some additional accessories: gifts/protector/case/extra battery...etc. if u buy from them)
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