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don't wanna sound like pouring cold water.. but NT very far from city.. and there's nothing much there.. so you'll be wasting a lot of travelling time.

1 day tour is a rip off tourist kinda tour one. but the price quite ok.

the reason they put u in the NT is cuz in kowloon area 1n hotel cheapest is abt 200 for that period ur going, mebbe more.

n almost every night ur changing hotels, quite siong imo..

but the price for this is actually not bad. cuz cathay u book the airtix urself already 600 after tax. disney ticket about 50bucks. airport transfer if you take airport express is about 40 bucks and hotel in hk is not cheap!!

most importantly, enjoy urself!

Yup mate miracleman is right and hotels in NT area may not be convenient and i feel the hotels in HK is quite nice. Generally a 4 stars hotel is better than that in SIN (right now i'm staying in the golden landmark also claimed as 4 stars). The quality of a hotel charged ard SD$110 per night is already quite nice. Here're 2 hotels : Harbour Plaza Hotel in North Point & Newton Place Hotel in Kwun Tong. the 1st one is a 5-min walk to the MTR station and the 2nd one is pretty new plus in the town (Kwun Tong), both are charged for ard HKD$600 per night. Hope these can help~
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