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anyone stay at han she hotel @ xmd be4? is it of any good?

btw if wan to bring wax,shower foam,shampoo all this just put all in a clear bag can liao?
Beside putting in a ziploc bag which can be requested from the airline check in counter for ur respective flight, there is oso a limit to the size of the container to be brought in...tink is 10ml or 25ml...dun tink is 1 litre..not that beri beri little de...size is based on the container's size NOT the size of the content of the liquid e.g. if ur shampoo container is 50ml but inside the container, ur shampoo's content is juz 10ml i.e. u used b4 and left a bit those kinda, IT IS ALSO NOT ALLOWED! Die Die u muz ahered to the container sizes. Also, 1 pax onli limit to 1 bag. And the ziploc bag muz not be over-capacity i.e. u die die squeeze all the stuff inside the ziploc and force it to close. Everything muz be nicely and comfortably packed into the ziploc. Hoped this helps.
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