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I just came back from my taiwan trip! It was certainly enjoyable and I must thank the forumers who had given me great info for my trip planning.

To summarize my trip:
19/01 Taipei CSK airport -> Taichung for 1 night stay. Went to nearby night market (cant remember name)

20/01 Taichung -> Puli -> Cingjing
Took 830am Nantou bus to Puli and switch another bus to Cingjing. Bus was superbly crowded and I was stuck with my big luggage (no space to put). Reach Vienna hotel almost 1130am. Check-in and went to Cingjing Farm the whole afternoon. Stayed overnight @ Vienna, caught the nice sunrise.

21/01 Cingjing -> Taipei
Left to tour Vienna's own organic farm early morning. Check-out and left Cingjing around 12am, managed to share cab down (@ cheaper cost than bus and more comfortable) to Puli. Took Nantou bus back to Taichung, grab Sun biscuits and switch train to Wurih to take HSR to Taipei. Reached Taipei around 6pm and check-in to Minyi Hotel. Went to walk around Dihua street (to see CNY goodies).

22/01 Taipei -> Jiofen -> Keelung -> Wufenpu (Drizzle whole day)
Left for Jiofen ard 10am and had an enjoyable time over there, strolling ard and enjoyed tea and snacks. Left for Keelung ard 3pm. Drizzle again and ended up just going to Miaoku to eat and walk ard. Along the way back to Taipei, decided to pop by Wufenpu. Shop from almost 630pm to 1030pm before heading back to Taipei. Tiring and filfulling day.

23/01 YMS -> Beitou -> Danshui -> Shilin (Drizzle whole day)
Left for YMS ard 10am and found YMS shrouded in mist. Could only tour YMS by bus and decided to have a short hike @ mountain foot. Left YMS for Beitou ard 3pm (Too late!!) for hotspring. Missed the sunset view of danshui as only managed to reached DS @ 6pm. Fisherman wharf was quite deserted and very cold and windy. Decided to skip Old Tamshui and proceed to shilin night market.

24/01 Taipei101 -> XMD -> Airport
Rush day, went to Taipei101 but was also shrouded in mist. Went to XMD to take a look and had another fix of Ah-zhong mian. Rushed back to Hotel to pick up luggage and took Guo Guang to Airport. Missed going for the Games fair @ World Trade Convention.. ;(
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