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BIG thanks to all bro here for intro 石头的家 (Stone House) at 花莲 (Hualian)

- 刘阿姨 (Ms Liu) is a very hospitality, nice n sporty lady..caring of my old folks parents
- pick us at railway station..ensure we book our return railway ticket (get 太鲁阁号 appr 2hr bk to Taipei)
- small tour arnd Hualian city wf gd intro of hualian gd food, nice shop n history n special of t city
- care of our hunger n advice we hav gd snack food 液香扁食 b4 dinner
- auto free upgrade of room fr 4p NT2000 to 6p (mayb we r only guest tat nite)
- free nite transport to hualian city, free impressive local dance performance (thou is a propaganda to attract tourist to visit 石艺大街 ) n drive long way to 自强夜市 (Zhiqiang nite market) to get t best 蒋氏棺材板 (real french toast coated wf egg..unlike in taipei without egg) n 第一家烤肉 (bbq stick)
- gd intro of big taxi NT2000 to tour 太鲁阁公园 (Taroko park) n 七星潭海边 (seaside) fr 9am-5pm..driver is frenly n gd intro of each special spots
- gd intro of fresh n yummy sashimi (Tuna, Salmon n swordfish) at 花莲观光鱼市 (Tourist Fish market)..we hav 3 plates in a roll (1 big plate cost NT100-150 per ur order n mix of sashimi)

reli enjoyable trip n looking forward to revisit Stone House n Hualian..enjoy
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