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Still confused on getting to Janfusan theme park in Taichung.

First alternative, High speed rail, 1 hour's journey, 700NT per ride.

Else, bus from Taipei, 2 - 3 hours.

Upon reaching Taichung, take the cab around? How far is Fengjie from the theme park. Also, how do I get back to Taipei at night?

agree wf nuttyazn..if can, stay at Taichung for 1 nite

Hotel - tis trip, i stay at 碧根商务饭店 (Beacon Hotel) rite infront of 逢甲大学 (FengJia Uni) in heart of 逢甲夜市 (Fengjia nite mkt) wf free Mac breakfast..but looks old fr outside n need to walk a 30sec small lane to enter hotel

Transport - take bus (signboard [逢甲-埔里]) NT25 travel betw railway station n Fengjia a bus stop rite beside beacon hotel infront of Mac..tis bus is fast wf hi frequency n stop at various shopping spots (新光三越, 广三SOGO, 一中街)..taking taxi cn cost easily >NT100 per trip

Food -
- must try at Fengjia nite mkt 大肠包小肠 (unique n nice taste but long queue) n 日船章鱼小丸子总店 (tako ball; big ball wf crispy outside n juicy inside..cnt get tat superb quality elsewher evn at their other branches).
- 太阳饼 (Taiyang biscuit) get fr 太阳堂老店/台中市中区自由路二段23号 (blue signboard wf sunflower logo)..tis shop is known as t original shop..many Taiyang biscuit shop along ts road cn sample til satisfy
- now is strawberry sason, must eat 大湖草莓 (sweet n crunchy)

enjoy n hav fun
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