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what do ppl normally do in min su??do they have thigns to do there? or take transport go out gai gai?
min su is a hotel+home n Ms Liu is a very frenly lady..Stone house has bbq pit, veg farm, fish pond, flowers, outdoor seat, stone/stone sculpture, kitchen, bicycle..we were offered free red wine,fruits like in fren's house..make small chat wf her n her frens (shes a popular person in hualian city)..met a pro photographer who jst came dwn fr snowy central mountain (中央山脉)..he gave us a gd brief on hualian geographical jst ask Ms Liu wat u cn do..she wil giv u all tips n tricks

btw stone house is outside hualian city..we were lucky she offered us free transport at nite visiting hualian city as we r only guest tat day..reli dun noe any free tpt if many guest arnd..yet im sure she wil arrange nice taxi driver for gai gai if no free tpt..else ride bicycle if venture enuff

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