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I feel 淡水老街 is a MUST go! and its a very nice walk!
Alot of things to see and buy! and they have a number of 抓抓 stalls for one to 抓!
and they have those balloon water bombs for you to shoot then can win prize.
They have basketball machines too!
Got food here & there.
They close quite early though. But open pretty early too! 2pm or 3pm open already. Then 9pm or 10pm close.
Then maybe if one's pretty enthu can go 士林 again or something! Cos 士林 really got ALOT to walk!
Can walk till 12am! Then cab back to hotel. =x

yea it pretty fun there. Go danshui street for a walk then go to fisherman wharf. You should be back from fisherwharf by about 6.30pm then go for a more thorough walk through of Danshui street and market. After that go shilin for eat/shopping. They open till around 12am+
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