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moi seen the blade replica b4. tat one moi oso aiming, but hor moi rike this series cos theres a catch tat holds the scabard n u cannot draw the sword without releasing the catch. For the blade one, if buy, must buy both the sword n the scabard cos they dont come together. the duo sword for the samurai 3000 series moi rike cos the handles r the scabard as well. When put together, the whole thing rooks like a big metal baton.

Moi oso got the kadaj sword replica from FF7 advent si gina. Tat one ish oso not bad. Nxt on moi list tat moi ish aiming ish the samurai x reverse blade sword n sephiroth's sword. But sephiroth's sword moi ish not so keen, cos moi try handling the sword riao, the feeling abit flimsy. So moi ish thinking of samurai x or blade
Sword of daywalker... i wonder if it can actually open up like in the movie

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