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i'm a new mac user here
i just got my macbook not even a month ago. so yeah.
the 1st macbook i had, had hinges problem after about 5 days of use. so i brought it to epicenter to check it out. they told me they could do nothing, but replace a new one for me.

then 2 days after, they came to my place to collect the macbook.
after another few days a macbook came (which is almost 2 weeks ago), now, with the new macbook, the hinges problem came back again.
is there any way i could solve this problem without having to direct it to apple?

from what epicenter told me, the hinges (hardware) isn't covered by the warranty..
so yeah.

Hmm.. Mind expanding on the problem a bit to give us an idea of what it is about? Perhaps pictures if you would be so kind.

If the hinge problem prohibits you from using the laptop reasonably, then it should obviously be covered by APP.

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