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hey, i thank all of you all for the wonderful comments.

i got it from the apple online store.

i've brought it down to epicenter, then to sapura to get it done.
they told me that i had to "live with it" or get it exchanged (Since that time it was under the 14 day exchange programme thing)

Lasat time, during the first time i did call apple customer hotline, and they referred me to a local apple servicing company, QCD. The guy flared at me when i was only explaining him my problem. Then, soon after, Sapura called me back and told me that the next day, the courier person would come to collect my macbook from me, to get it exchanged.

after the 2nd macbook came, it was alright, until just now, i noticed the creaking sound.
very very irritating. i was pretty disappointed, after the 2nd time.
Perhaps, it's because they only see me as a student, trying to get a macbook repaired, and don't value me?

i really don't know, i doubt anyone is as 'suay' as me..
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