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Excuse me..
Actually, xinbeitou and beitou.. What are the differences and what is the distance between?

And.. I saw 2 night markets on the map : Lehua night market and Xingnan night market
Anyone been there before?

I have been reading this thread so far from 2005 to NOW - 2008 (eyes popping out soon) and i somehow have some conclusion in mind on where to go, except for some of the directions and the travel distances and time blah blah.

Places i am going to cover :

muzha zoo
the zhongxiao stretch (the entire road for shopping)
keelung (seafood)
beitou/xinbeitou (wanna visit hell valley!)
taipei 101 (just to snap some pics, wont waste time)
underground malls
jiufen (still wondering)

As for night markets, well i have raohe, gongguan, shilin, and the 2 unknowns above. (:

Went taipei back in 2004, i survived there with only $150 as i remember. Haha this time going 8D7N with my bf, decided to cover taipei first on this trip. Oh ya peeps here, i have a question. Isit a good thing if i give a miss to Leofoo Village? Cos if i waste 2hrs for that i might as well explore other area.. Right to say that?

Alright, so far only have these in mind.. Share with me your views soon. (:
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