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its looks like this.
Oh ok thanks! the opposite side is the normal 3-pin slot i suppose? hmm.. got those can plug in 3 3-pin kind? cuz i think every night i have 3 devices to charge.. 2 nokia phones and 1 camera..

And here's my half-done itinerary, can peeps here help me to see whether it made the passing mark k.. thanks beforehand! I'll be taking the 0830 Cathay flight on the 6th of May, transit in HK, then off to Taoyuan Internation Airport. The time stated on my eTix is 1515.

So without further ado, here goes..

Day 1
1. Taking FreeGo bus to go TS hotel. Go XMD find dinner.
2. Proceed to Shihlin Station for Astro museum.
3. Proceed to Jian Tan station for Shihlin NM.

Day 2
1. Wake up at 8.30am. Have hotel breakfast and leave hotel around 10am.
2. Take to Jian Tan station for Sea World.
3. Then Shihlin Staton for National Palace.
4. Take to Yuan Shan Station for Confucius Temple.
5. Back to Jian Tan, go Miramar Entertainment centre, then shihlin NM again.
6. Go to Long Shan Temple

Thinking of visiting CKS in between.. cuz this day like quite empty.. dunno got time or not..

Day 3
1. Wake up at 8.30. Take to Taipei main station, take railway to RuiFang, then JiuFen, ShiFen, JiLong and places.. RAILWAY ADVENTURE!!

Read from some forums that these few places can take up the whole day already.. dunno true or not.. Another thing, the buying of railway tix sounds very confusing to me.. is it true?

Day 4
1. Go to Taipei Zoo station for Muzha Zoo
2. Same area, go to Mao Kong Tea Plantation
3. Take train back along brown line to inter-change, Zhong Xiao Fu Xing. Alight and go to Sogo Dept Store.
4. Proceed to Taipei City Hall, go to 新光三越
5. Same area, go to Taipei 101 building
6. Proceed to Houpi Shan station, go Wu Fen Pu

Day 5
1. Go Yang Ming Shan sight seeing
2. Proceed to Beitou for hot spring (Spring City -
3. Go Dan Shui, Lover's bridge
4. Dan Shui NM

Day 6
1. Wulai see waterfall.
2. (haven plan finish..)

So peeps, any advices on this itinerary?
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