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hey ppl,

was reading this webby and was trying to call Mr Meeky Yang at tel no. 09-2191-5586 to arrange for a one day yeliu trip but when i dial the number, the system told me is invalid. Any other ways of contacting him or do u all have any other suggestion to cover places such as Yeliu, Jiufen, Shifen,, Nanya, Yin Yang Hai, Bitou Cape etc.
Sorry, I will have to correct that number in my website: Correct number is
Mr Meeky Yang (+886-921-915-586). or email
When calling from Taipei you dial:0921-915-586
If Calling from other area in Taiwan then you have to add-02-0921-915-586

If Meeky is busy, you can also try:
Mr. Joe Huang
Cell phone: +886-952-322-303
Car: Toyota Wish MPV, age 2 years
Rate: Check with him- tell him number of people. He can take upto 6 persons (no surcharge added for lunch, fuel, etc.)
Car condition: New & clean
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