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Going Taipei next week as well, any comments on my itinerary?

Day 1
- Take FreeGo bus to TS Hotel.
- XMD 西門町 [西門站] for dinner, jalan around XMD (紅樓劇場, ?)
(snacks to try: 阿宗麵線, 正宗上海老天祿)

Day 2 (5/15 Thu)
- Taipei City Hall station [市政府站]. (Taipei101 台北101. (viewing observatory), Taipei World Trade Center 台北世界貿易中心, Shin Kong San Yue Xin Yi Shop 新光三越信義店, New York New York 紐約紐約展覽購物中心, Warner Brothers, Neo 19)
- Raohe Street Market 饒河街觀光夜市. (snacks to try: Deep fried small crabs, 臭豆腐, 胡椒饼.)
- walk to Songshan Train Station 松山, take Train back to Taipei Main Station [台北車站], transfer MRT back to XMD [西門站].

Day 3 (5/16 Fri)
- Shilin Station [士林站], transfer Red bus 5 to YangMingShan 陽明山國家公園 ( Siaoyukeng 小油坑遊憩區, Lengshueikeng 冷水坑牛奶湖)
- Jiantan Station [劍潭站], take shuttle bus to Miramar Entertain Center美麗華百樂園, take the Ferris wheel.
- Back to Jiantan Station [劍潭站], cross over to Shilin Night Market士林夜市.
(snacks to try: IchiBan Beef Steak, XXL Chicken, Da Bin Bao Xiao Bin, Pao Pao Bing Hu Jiao Bing, Purple corn, Mian mian bing (icy desserts), Leng mian (cold noodle), fried chic, squid sprinkled with salt / pepper and chilli flakes, Smelly tofu, Mala stinky tofu.)

Day 4 (5/17 Sat)
- Toilet Restaurant at XMD.
- Shipai Station [石牌站] to Tian Mu 天母.
- back to Taipei Main Station [台北車站], shop at underground area 地下街.
- Gongguan Station [公館站], proceed to Gongguan Night Market 公館夜市 (MRT exit 3)

Day 5 (5/18 Sun)
- Danshui Station [淡水站], proceed to Danshui Old Streets 淡水老街. (snacks to try: 阿給、魚酥、鐵蛋、蝦捲、魚丸、糕餅、餛飩).
- take Red bus 26 to Fisherman Wharf 漁人碼頭 and Lover Bridge, journey is about 15min.
(Other POIs: 滬尾炮臺, 紅毛城, Ferry to Baili (5min ride))
- Guting Station [古亭站] to go Shida Night Market師大路夜市.

Day 6 (5/19 Mon)
- Xindian Station [新店站], transfer to a Xindian Bus Company bus 新店客運(烏來線)to Wulai Bus Terminal 烏來, walk Wulai Old Street (about 10min from bus terminal)
- back to Jingmei Station [景美站], 5min walk from MRT exit 1 or 2 to Jingmei Night Market 景美夜市.

Day 7 (5/20 Tue)
- Muzha Station [木柵站], transfer to ZhiNan bus 指南客運深坑線 to proceed to 深坑豆腐. Spend about 1-2hours.
- back to Muzha Station [木柵站], transfer to Taipei Zoo Station [動物園站], take the Muzha MiaoCong Cable Car 木柵貓空缆车.
- Nanjin E Rd Station [南京東路站], transfer Brown Bus 9 or 10 to Miniture Museum 袖珍博物館.
- Zhongxiao Fuxing Station [忠孝復興站]. ( East Underground Shops 東區地下街 (walk toward exit 3,4,5 from MRT to reach 地下街1號廣場 at B1), Sogo 太平洋崇光百貨 (MRT exit 4), 鼎泰豐, 頂好商圈(MRT exit 4), 微風廣場(10min walk from MRT exit 2)).

Day 8 (5/21 Wed)
- Dingxi Station [頂溪站], exit from MRT exit 1, walk north around 5min to reach 永和豆漿 (open 24hours).
- back to XMD for more shopping.
- depart Taipei at 6.25pm. To leave for airport by 3pm.
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