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Ok, i'll be sure to drop by Tao Heung next trip for dim sum! I dont have any particular favourite dim sum, basically i take (sorry dont have a chinese keyboard) egg tarts, wu kok, hum sui kok, har kow, siew mai, etc. Apart from dim sum, i also like the cha chan teng food. Use to drop by the cha chan teng at Parkes Street (diagonally opposite the Mai Wen Ji Wanton Noodle). The home cooked styled dishes are mouth watering. Salted fish with minced pork, ham vegetable soup, xo sauce scallop, prawns, etc.!

Speaking of Cha Chan Teng, i was looking forward to find this one at Tai Koo. Its a Macau Cha Chan Teng which is supposed well known, featured in the HK Tai Koo Mei Sek food program. Unfortunately, the program did not show the exact address, just that its located at Tai Koo Shing Rd. Some well known dishes are Macau salted fish, pork chop bun, etc. I hunted high and low but could not find it. Any ideas?


we call 輕鐵for LTR, for Nov is great season to come! comfortable whether.
For dim sum places i recommend Toa Heng Super 88 (稻香超級漁港) , Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok also got. Tao Heng also poppular in HK. depends which period you go, part of weekdays costs cheaper then weekend. I tried it before, no doubt they can provide good dim sum food. what dim sum u like the most?
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