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4) Oh ya, Liu Ah Yi will send you to the nite market via her big car (with her 'shi tou de jia' logo at the side', very nice logo), and let us wander there for awhile before picking us back (very considerate)

5) Go back to minsu, will cut fruits for us to eat, sweet mango/watermelon

6) While eating fruits, will paint rocks picked up from 'ji xing tan', quite fun though im not really an arts + craft person, painted ultraman face + power ranger face for my gf's nephew... haha

7) Next morning, arrange to go for dolphin watching (around 3 hours) very shiok! Watch at least around 70 dolphins (seasonal, your experience might vary), quite a sight i must say!!!! Managed to watch schools of dolphin in packs of 3 to even 10 all swimming at one go!!!! we went directly to the front of big speedboat, though waters were choppy, but very exciting when you get to see the dolphins up close, hold firm to the railings though, take videos (almost impossible to take pictures as the boat is rocking as the captain will be chasing the dolphins)

8) We didnt op for the water rafting or the australian rock something, we seen too much of tarako and saw the videos of the australian rock something shown by Yiu Ah Yi, not our cup of tea and quite ex (NT2500) So we decided to be more adventures, took the free bicycle from minsu, cycled to their flower garden called "zhi ka xuan", wow, really very nice place with lots and lots of different kinds of flowers, took alot of scenic shots, heard that they are still building up the garden, not far away from minsu, around 10 - 15min cycle, when you cycle out of the minsu, go all the way straight, after around 4 to 5 junctions, you will reach a T junction and cycle around it to get to the entrance (go if you like scenery)

9) We ordered the "Jiang Mu Ya" prepared by Yiu Ah Yi (ordered the day before), took her whole morning to make the soup, Jiang Mu Ya is a soup-based steamboat, Yiu Ah Yi said it's best to eat it when it's chilly or cold, the nite we spent there, it was pretty cold, so quite shiok as the soup-based included Hualian's "Mi Jiu", very nice wine in the soup, the steamboat ingredients got fishball with fish-roe, mua-chee ingredient when cooked very nice, very 'Q', avoid the dish during summer time though

10) When to Aborginal dance after that, was invited to stage as we were a couple, had to carry my gf using some special stance as taught by the Aborginal, all the guys super duper fit, all 6 pack and some of them quite yandao kind, haha, their bamboo dance quite good, super tough technical dance also all of them can coordinate very well, all of them pose funny pics towards the end of it as they welcomed people on stage to take photos with them
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