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Just came back yesterday from Taiwan!!! was so fun! Stayed 2 days at hualian at the famous minsu recommended by Mr Cai

Highly recommended!!! Very fun.

When we reached hualian train station (weather was good, around 18 to 22, nice cooling weather, at nite very shiok, nice cool breezy wind, however this week weather in taipei slightly starting to turn warm now!)
1) Liu Ah Yi came to pick us up from train station,
2) we told her we wanna see tarako first day, arrange Mr Cai, friendly and funny taxi driver to show us around for whole day (NT2000 for 2 people, try to find more minsu if other couples willing to share, then more worth it ), he brought us to a very nice 'Cong You Bing' (like Prata with egg and spicy chilli) store (some store out of the blue on the streets), it's not the same as those in shilin, more crispy and nice
3) Liu Ah Yi + Mr Cai brought us to firecracker store, met 10+ Singaporeans there, like mini Singapore!!! Each person fork out NT200, brought lots and lots of firecracker, those big big huge huge kind + small ones so all can play together, so shiok. Yiu Ah Yi will take video and burn a copy for each and everyone of us, below is a sample of the fireworks, enjoy!

Will post more later about the minsu, very tried now...

Hello, I also stayed in Stone House from 17/5/08 - 20/5/08
Really highly recommend to stay there when u visit hualien.
Liu Ah Yi is very very friendly and if u stay at her place she do provide some value added service like free fruit, stone painting, bringing u to see the aboriginal performance although the show is free but she will arrange pple to bring u there and fetch u back w/o any charge, and she is free sometimes she will bring u to the place (nearby) u wan to go for free, burning ur pics or video into CD. And also she got some activities where other minsu dun provide like playing firework outside the minsu, see firefly ( i didnt see cos raining), lighting the Kongming Lattern.

The pics of her minsu is not very nice but in fact the room is quite cosy, I was stun went i enter the room. Visit her website:

Lastly, she accept VISA to pay for her room charge, but not Mastercard.
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