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Wanna if any1 can help me on this as its my first time going to Taipei & hualien...
I have seen some thread regarding taking train from Taipei to Hualien but I am not sure which train is it referring.

Understand that there is this website:
Is this the website to book Hualien's ticket? If yes, which stop should I select?

Understand that there is another website:
Or is this the one? I am totally confused!

Is online booking of ticket to Hualien safe? Has any1 try it before?

Pls help......................................
At the moment there are a few types of railway system in Taiwan, first is the Metro system (like our MRT) which is only available in Taipei city (台北捷运) and Kaosiong city (高捷), second is the Taiwan High Speed Rail (高铁) which only operates along the Western corridor of Taiwan, third is the Taiwan Railway (火车 ) which lets u travel along the perimeter of Taiwan.

More info of Taiwan railway: is not the conventional railway system and do not go to Hualien. They called it 高铁 which is their high speed train. THSR only travel along the Western corridor of Taiwan but Hualien is at the estern part of Taiwan.

There are a few types of train from Taiwan Railway The difference is the number of stations the train will stop. For example from Taipei to Hualien, some train will take 4 hrs to reach but some will take 3hrs to reach. The fastest is the Zi Qiang Hao 自强号train, it only stop at the bigger station. is their conventional railway train which lets u travel all around Taiwan. And if u r going to Hualien, u should look in this website. Advise if u r taking train to Hualien during Fri, Sat or Sun, do buy the tickets early, best is 4 - 3 days ahead. My experience was I got train ticket from Chungli to Hualien on Fri but my tickets only allow me to hav the seat from Chungli to Fulong, and then the rest of the station i have to stand or find any empty seats inside the train. But luckily nobody bought the my seat from Fulong to Hualien therefore I get to sit all the way., this page tat allow u to calculate the time needed to travel between stations and the difference types of train service available. Btw i did not buy the tickets online, i bought at the train station itself. One point to note is, 30mins before the train depart there will be some reserve ticket release if u r lucky. So if u do not get the desire timing u wan, buy the next earliest ticket, then proceed to the train station 30mins b4 ur desire timing and if they do hav the reserve ticket released jus use ur existing ticket and change the timing but mayb u need to top up. Oh ya, it is also cheaper if u buy with a return ticket together.

Hope my info helps

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