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I need some help here, hopefully the experienced users here can shed some info.

I've been having problems trying to get the sound to come out from my TV when connected via dvi-hdmi. I have a Macbook Pro and a 32" Bravia which I have connected together with dvi-hdmi cable. I have no trouble with the picture at all but I learnt that this cable doesn't carry the sound along with it.

I went to the Wheelock Epicentre today and picked up the Belkin Stereo Link Cable, which according to one of the staff there, is supposed to work. So I've plugged it into the red & white inputs (says left and right) below the two HDMI ports on the TV. The other end is plugged into my MBP's headphone jack-thing.

No sound is coming out still. I've tried googling the problem and checking various other forums and tweaking with the TV's settings but nothing works.

Anybody here know of how to fix this? Have I done something wrong/purchased the wrong cable? Sorry this is so lengthy and noobish. :X

Thanks in advance!
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