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Ok, I've actually posted this up on a separate thread, but I've gotten no replies, so I figured this thread would be better?

I need to confirm what firewire chipset the new Macbooks and Macbook Pros use. Previously, Apple used TI chipsets but have switched to Agere/Lucent in late 2007, if I recall correctly. This new (and cheaper) chipset is incompatible with certain firewire hardware (specifically: audio interfaces such as from RME/M-Audio).

However, I've browsed thru other audio-related forums and some users have noted their chipset (in the latest Penryn MBPs, not sure about any MBs) to still be TI instead of Agere. But other users still have the Agere and consequently, incompatible hardware. Can anyone confirm if the firewire chipset on their MB/MBP (preferably the latest models) have the TI or the Agere/Lucent?

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