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since you're going taichung direct from airport, how will you be able to leave your luggage in taipei first? do note that the airport <> taipei

from taichung, you can book a train to hualien, the train will pass taipei. i know is ~2.5hrs from taichung -> taipei and anr 3.5hr from taipei-> hualien, so total journey via train is ~6hrs

however, you can also take speed rail to taipei, i think ~1hrs, then change to train to hualien. faster but involve change. IMPT, take note, if i remember correctly (someone comment plz), speed rail station in taichung is different from normal train station.

shadus u sure train from Taichung to Hualien took so long??? I checked from the website and the fastest one took only abt 4hrs.

As for speed rail it is their 高铁 or "bullet train" but only operate in the western corridor of taiwan, from Taipei to Kaosiong. But Hualien in at the Eastern part so no bullet train.

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