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shadus u sure train from Taichung to Hualien took so long??? I checked from the website and the fastest one took only abt 4hrs.

As for speed rail it is their 高铁 or "bullet train" but only operate in the western corridor of taiwan, from Taipei to Kaosiong. But Hualien in at the Eastern part so no bullet train.
Thanks guys!

Hmm shadus what I meant was if I were to drop luggage in Taipei, it would mean tat my Day 1 nite will be in taipei then next day travel to Taichung.

I think you are right. I've been asking around and from Taichung to Hualien is really long. So I have decided to go Taichung straight and then go Taipei stay there, then Hualien then back to Taipei again.

Can you ask you guys, should I go Wulai then Hualien or something? I'm staying 1 nite in Wulai.

Can Also help me with the Yeliu, jiufen, keelung, Danshui LJ, YMS, Shifen how to plan? Let's say I'm going to Wulai stay 1 night then next day going back Taipei, on the way to Taipei where can I go?

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