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i like the bbq stingray/sotong although some may argue it tastes common and like SG standard.. but i think i jus like the ambience lahz and the boss.. never fail to chit chat even though im there to talk talk

Hmmm... there's nothing much that is nice there mosmos... feel free to roam around though my personal favs there are the claypot rice/char siew rice/chicken rice/PORK PORRIDGE/fishball noodle soup/pork organ soup and somemore i cant remember lehz... very long nv go already.. always go JB then my JB GF will let me try her home cooked food.. hahhaha...

Anyway for mee rebus.. i donno leh.. but there is like erm.. 2 states.. 1 side is muslim/malay indian food.. the other is chinese....

i only had nasi padang n kambing soup there.... so so only.. though i mus admit the kambing soup very heaty... very gao hehehe..

bon appetit!!
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