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Arrow **[IMPORTANT] EDMW Must-reads!**

1) Discrimination of Race, Culture, Derogatory Terms and Seditious Remarks will NOT be Tolerated!

2) Reporting an offending post, and where to appeal against infraction

3) No Discussions on Topics/Info that are Under the Judge's Gag Order - Punishable by Law

4) HWZ Account Security Advisory

5) How to help preserve a good discussion from being prunned

6) Forum Speed & Response Feedback Thread

7) Acronyms and Lingo peculiar to EDMW

8) EDMW's Birthday List

This thread was created with the aim of reducing sticky threads to only those that are important and need the attention a sticky thread deserves.

Do note the nature of the threads listed above - if they are not generally beneficial to the community as a whole, they will not be linked to in the list above.

PM the mods to update this if you feel the new thread deserves a place here.


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