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Hey all,

We all know that getting an 'A' grade is _really_ difficult in NUS. Apart from personal effort, much of it also depend on careful selection/planning of modules.

Although I've seen people discussing CS modules in the NUS thread, it is not useful for people who are not actively following the discussion.

Therefore, I feel that we should start a new thread to discuss mainly on NUS SoC modules (as well as GEM/Breadth/ULR) and help each other with our experience.

For a start, I have taken the following modules:

CS1105 Computing and Society
CS2105 Introduction to Computer Networks
CS2250 Fundamentals of Information Systems
CS2261 Enterprise Systems Development
EC1301 Principles of Economics
MA1312 Calculus with Applications
MA1301 Introductory Mathematics
MKT1003 Principles Of Marketing
SSD2210 Managing Singapore's Built Environment

Feel free to ask if you've any questions!

Anyone care to share about CS3253 - Managment of IS, CS4250 - Research Methodologies, CS3251 - Technology Strategy Management and any other level 3000 IS elective modules?

Newbie camp here (although not really from soc). Any senior to share more about MA1301, CS1231, CS1101C and CS1102C and CS2103
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