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generally the IS modules main focus would be more on business/IT management

first off is cs2250, introducing you to IS systems, the various kind of systems in organisations, decision process etc.

after that, you are free to explore the level 3000 and level 4000. However, some level 4000 modules would have prerequisites (level 3000).

level 3000, i would strongly advise taking cs3253, cs3251, cs3254

lvl 4000, cs4250-> research methodology : very siong module, most people would try their best to skip this, resulting in very low enrolment (<30)

CS4252 -> control, audit of IS systems : Low intake also, due to prereq of cs3254. Requires you to go out to find a company to perform a IT audit.

CS4253 -> IS consulting : requires you to find a company and give them consulting advise
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