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Newbie camp here (although not really from soc). Any senior to share more about MA1301, CS1231, CS1101C and CS1102C and CS2103
For MA1301, if you do not have 'A' math background, be prepared to put in about 2-3 times more effort to catch up. If you are weak in maths, my advise to you is to study a few months before you even take the module.

can i have more info on CS2250...the workload, exams, format,ect..tks
For the previous two semesters, the assessment for CS2250 has been the same. 5% class participation, 5% tutorial case presentation, 15% video, 25% mid-term (close book-written), 50% final exam (MCQ with negative marking).

You can find out more about the workload/exams/format from IVLE.

As for my opinion of CS2250, it differs from gentori's.

I feel that the key component to make you stand out would be the 25% close book mid-term (at least for my case last semester). The thing about CS2250 is that the mid-term paper is held about 1-2 weeks before your first exam. Although only a few topics will be tested, you HAVE to study the entire syllabus because you'll never know what will be tested.

The marking scheme for the video on the other hand is VERY lenient. After all, CS2250 is not a design module. The video focuses mainly on concept so you can simply choose a very easy concept to prevent yourself from going out of point...and since it is only 15%, the grades really don't differ much.

hi, does computing and society module have preclusion of IF1101E and is a 3 MC module?
Yes. More information here:
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