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I will go to Malacca in July. Got a few questions. Please help me.

1. I want to take coach from Johor to Malacca. My plan is early morning take taxi to Kranji MRT, take 970 to bus station in Johor then buy coach ticket to Malacca. I want to reach Malacca before 1 pm. What time do you think that I can start from Kranji? Are there many coaches to Malacca in the morning?

2. Can you please recommend me a budget place for 1 night in Malacca?

3. My plan is staying in Malacca for 1 night. Do you have some recommended places to go in afternoon, evening and the next morning? where to eat lunch, dinner?

Waiting for your advices.

I am doubt 970 bus can reach Johor bus interchange. Johor bus interchange located at Larkin, so I think you need to take either 170 or Yellow Bus (not sure is CW1 or CW2) to reach Larkin. Before board the bus, make sure the destination signboard is Larkin and not Kota Raya.

Express bus from Larkin to Malacca normally takes about 3 hours to 4 hours (depends on bus company, some stop half-way for short resting). Try to buy non-stop express bus. To play safe, suggest you take the express bus at either 8.00am or 8.30am from Larkin interchange. These two timings are popular schedule to Malacca, you should be able to buy the ticket on spot and board the bus directly.

It's pretty hard to judge the queue and traffic condition at Sin and JB customs. 1 thing for sure is the bus (170 or Yellow Bus) from JB custom to Larkin interchange takes about 20-30 mins excludes the waiting time at JB custom. Plan your journey as early as you could.

As for budget hotel in Malacca, maybe you want to consider this:

Pretty good location. Food and many places of interests are available around the hotel.

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