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Hi everyone , i need some help.
currently i am looking at many brand of lenses and trying to find a lowest price for them.
Feel Free to tell me the lowest price u all have found for any lenses listed below :


Freshkon Alluring Eyes ( Brown / Black ) Monthly - SGD 30
Freshkon Colors Monthly - SGD 30


FreshLook Colorblends Monthly - SGD 28
FreshLook One-Day (Focus Dailies ColorBlends) -

Johnson & Johnson
1 day acuvue moist - SGD 40
1 day acuvue define - SGD 50
1 day acuvue Oasys -

Thank you guys in advance.

where did you find acuvue moist at SGD$40 ? oO
mind sharing ?

anyway anyone knows the price of coppervision proclear 1 day and the quantities per box ?

also, besides acuvue moist, what do you guys recommend for contact lens with a higher moist level ?
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