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Sorry to hijack this thread. where does the coach stop in malacca town? would it b better to buy coach ticket in singapore?
All buses stop at Malacca Sentral (Hope my spelling is correct), Malacca Sentral bus interchange is like Larkin in JB. Along the way after exit from NS Highway till Malacca Sentral, you may ask the bus driver to stop and alight, you will see some local alight the bus along the way, if you sit on the bus and continue the journey, final destination is Malacca Sentral.

There are few places to board the express bus in Singapore to Malacca. Two popular spots are Queen Street (Bus Terminal for 170) the bus company is 707 Express and Lavender Street (In front of Singapore Casket), 2 bus companies there, Singapore-Malacca Express and Delima Express. The ticket cost around S$16/way (if I remember correctly).

707 Express is the most popular choice because of its non-stop service. Sin-Mal Express and Delima Express stop at Machap and Ayer Itam for half an hour rest.

If from JB, you pay the same amount you paid in Singapore but in RM.

Either from JB or Singapore to Malacca. It depends on individual. If your hse near to custom, then it's wise to just cross the causeway and board the bus at Larkin bus interchange. If you want to save the trouble, then just take the express bus in Singapore. The express bus in Singapore use 2nd Link.

Hope it helps.

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