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Please look beyond the nicely decorated shop fronts of pet farms.

There are untold sufferings going on at the back where the dogs breed for the profit of Man.

Ever wonder what happened to dogs that no longer sell-able when they are sick, no longer cute puppy-like, exhibit behaviour problems, etc?

Do you think these unscrupulous pet farm operators will waste money on vet visits that can cost more than the price of the dog?

Ever wonder what happened to puppies born that are deformed or not good looking enough to be sold? Can anyone hear their cries at horrendous ways at which are they disposed of!?

Newly born puppies had been found in dustbins, some were still breathing!

So please, if you want a canine companion, adopt one from the shelter.

It gives more meaning to having an animal companion.

For every dog or puppy that is eventually sold, how many had and will continue to suffer?

When the buying stop, the suffering from human greed will also reduce.
Puppies in dustbins?!!!
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