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From wiki:Tebrau City is a shopping mall in Desa Tebrau, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. there got Karaoke isit.. hee

How far is it from the causeway? eg.. how long a drive to get there? Still don dare to drive in, everytime go in, i take cab and negotiate price before getting in. But realise sometimes ask cabby to switch on meter better..

Nv tried the massage places apart from in the shoppin malls.. if im not mistaken RM33 for 1 hr full body massage at holiday plaza (the pl like S'pore far east plaza, onli much more ah lian clothes.. alamak) cheap le lar hor..

City Sq is gd to walk walk look look .. buying clothes price is equivalent to buy in singapore (think $50 blouse selling RM100 there). Where is the must go or always go places for shoppin in JB? I am thinking working clothes like blouses /jackets/ skirts..

Where you guys always go for massage ah? hee.. Many thanks for the info in advance. .
drive there quite easy.. tebrau highway just shoot all the way can liao..

i usually take bus, cos i realise about the same speed as take taxi, maybe slower by 10 mins the most. but the fare is way way cheaper at RM1.90 - RM2.00

went to pelangi plaza, but not much to see. i think they have some hair salon with nice concepts, quite a few gift shops, a Popular bookstore, Secret Recipe, Macdonalds, Starbuck, Cold storage and there is also a KTV there. oh ya, recently realised that there is dunkin donut there as well. outside pelangi plaze, there is a whole stretch of shophouses, plenty selling food.. a relaxing walk down that stretch may be rewarded with some unknown nice food..
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