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Hi, how does their train system fare work? Do i need to buy 1 day pass or it is by per trip like from Shinjuku to Maihama? Any idea how much is the fare for adult and child? And I purchase the ticket at the station by vending machine just like in Spore?

The train system fare in Tokyo works the same as Sg. You can either purchase a single-trip ticket at the vending machine or use the "Suica" card (which is a stored value card similar to Ezlink card in Singapore). Purchasing single trip ticket for the first time can be confusing given the number of stations in Greater Tokyo region. If you are not sure of the amount to purchase even after consulting the train map, just purchase the cheapest ticket (which i think should be in the region of 130 to 160 Yen). When you arrive at the destination station, just go to the machine labeled as 'Fare Difference Adjustment'. Slot in your ticket in the machine and top-up the difference. There is no surcharge for this service. Then you will be issued a new ticket to exit.

If am not wrong, the fare should be in the region of around 250Yen++ for a single trip ticket to Disneyland from Shinjuku station. You will need to take the Chuo-line Express JR train (the train line on the map is coded as orange) from Shinjuku to Tokyo station. It should be around Platform 6 to 8 in the JR shinjuku. Just check for the sign that says "Chuo Line Express to Tokyo". It should not take more than 20 minutes to arrive there.

Once in Tokyo station, follow the sign that shows direction to JR Keiyo Line or JR Musashino Line and take the train service (about 15 minutes) and get off at JR Maihama Station (South Exit). Do note that as Tokyo station is a huge station. It will take you about 10 minute to walk to JR Keiyo or Musashinio line.

If you stay in Keio Plaza hotel, there are daily free buses to Disneyland. Just make a reservation at the reception counter.

After you have finished your trip in Hokkiado and flying into Tokyo Narita Airport, you may wish to taking the Narita Express (Airport Train) to Shinjuku. Currently, there is a promotion for Tourists, which I find that it is value for money. You will get a one-way ride to Shinjuku plus a Suica card (equivalent to Ezlink card) of 1500 Yen value, which you can use for rides and purchases at 711 stores. After you return the card, you will get a 500 Yen refund as well. More details are available at this website:

Hope this helps.
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