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Thanks for the reply. Some more quests if you don't mind...hehe

What about gg to Ueno and Shibuya from Shinjuku, I will just take the Chuo-line Express JR? There is no need to change train unless gg to Disneyland, rite? And can you recommend the places of interest in this 2area? Is it once I alight from the station, look for exit and should be able to venture around on my own, just like those station in area Orchard area?

Now I really regret, last time went to Tokyo and Osaka package tour, tour guide offer to bring us to Shinjuku via train, but we decline coz too tired at that time....haiz..otherwise now, shouldn't be asking for so much detail..sigh..

if you travel yourself in tokyo you need to learn how to read the tokyo subway/railway maps.

To shibuya, take the yamanote.
to ueno, either that the chuo to kanda and then transfer to yamanote, or take yamanote.

In shinjuku you can climb the metro buildings to view tokyo, or go shinjuku park look at nature, or just wander around shinjuku area for shopping.

It's best if you have a walking guide or maps of the areas you want to visit like ueno and shibuya. These can be obtain from jnto in singapore already or in japan, or at the airport.

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