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Oh!! you traveling this sat! good for you. I got this info from other forum. Please call to ask if there is still recording and reserve a place as stated.

綜藝大哥大 - Zhang Fei's show on CTV
Recordings every Tue.、but sign-up is recommended. Call after 2:00PM every Thu. to sign up and get details of the following Tue.'s recording
CTV Tel: (886) (2) 2781-3888 Ext. 609 for 綜藝大哥大
CTV address: No. 120 Chongyang Rd.、Nankang、Taipei 臺北市南港區重陽路120൯
AirBus' MRT Xindian to Keelung route doesn't go to MRT Kunyang, but it does stop at Taipei 101, which is a 10~15 min. walk to MRT Taipei City Hall Station, 3 stops from Kunyang.

Thanks a zillion.
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